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"Every time i get in a boat and push off, i feel like i'm leaving the troubles of the world behind"                                               - flip pallot

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Florida on the Fly Fishing Charters

“My wife and I had a FANTASTIC fishing experience with Captain Ryan. She had fished only a handful of times with artificial lures, but with Ryan’s excellent instruction she (we) caught a BUNCH of nice fish and overall had a great day. We can’t wait to book another trip. Besides the Captain’s vast knowledge ofFlamingo Park, his patience and attention to detail made it a trip to remember. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Dan Greisel

Captain Ryan McFarland

Fishing is truly my life's passion. I still get excited and lose sleep before trips at the possibilities in store for the next day, whether I'm fun fishing for myself or chartering. My heart and adrenaline still pump when my angler makes a sight fishing shot. I started guiding because I want to share that feeling with others.

I get the same thrill when my angler on the bow comes tight on a stud fish; it's like I'm up there. Above all I pride myself on hard work to get my anglers the most and best opportunities each and every trip. Whatever your choice of tackle or skill level, call me. Let's leave our troubles at the dock as we push off in pursuit of the fish of a lifetime.

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Florida on the Fly Fishing Charters

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Florida on the Fly Fishing Charters