April in South Florida Means Bonefish on Fly in Miami and Biscayne Bay

Although travel is difficult if not impossible right now, the bonefish fishing down here in Miami, the Florida Keys, and Biscayne Bay is incredible. April and the surrounding months are always prime time to catch these incredible fish fly fishing, bait fishing, or with homemade jigs. Since the pressure is as low as it has ever been, many of the old original Keys guides, like Rick Ruoff, are saying that it's like the 1970's!

All of it is typically sight fishing, so whatever tackle you prefer is sure to be thrilling. Stalking these fish in 1' of water, presenting the fly, watching the take in gin clear water, and then holding on for those long, intense, drag screaming runs is an adrenaline rush that rivals cliff jumping!

We have a year round fishery for all our inshore fishing species down here, so if you can't get here right away, call or drop me a text or email to pencil in some dates for you for later in the year. After the cabin fever of this coronavirus COVID-19 I'm sure a getaway will be fantastic for the whole family. I do not have deposits nor cancellation fees, so you can pencil in dates at no cost or risk to you. Let's get out there.

Captain Honson Lau w/ a Bonefish on Fly Release

Friend and Co-Angler Honson Lau releasing a nice bonefish in Biscayne Bay.

Nice Bonefish on Fly in Biscayne Bay Homestead, FL

Yours truly with a respectable bonefish on fly

Bonefish on Homemade Rod and Homemade Jig

Captain Lau with an average bone taken on his own homemade rod and homemade jig!

Bonefish on Fly in South Florida

With good guidance from Captain Lau from the poling platform, a rewarding bonefish on fly

Bonefish on Fly

Honson demonstrating proper fish handling on another bone taken on fly

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