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Snook & Redfish Charters in Homossasa, FL & Crystal River, FL

There's no place better than historic Homossasa, FL to catch big snook and redfish flyfishing or spin fishing in the fall months. There is so much country over here to explore, and so many different tackle choices to target these fish. If you are visiting the Nature Coast in Homossasa or Crystal River Florida, give me a ring to book a fishing charter and let's get out there to pursue your trophy.

Angler Mark Guanaga with a Beautiful 30" Snook

You will be poled along in my 2020 Hells Bay Professional top of the line shallow water skiff to put you in optimal position for your shot at a snook or redfish of a lifetime. When the tide is right, we will fish in 6” of water and sight fish for these snook and redfish. When the water gets high the playbook changes and we can blind cast in all sections of the water column until your lure or fly gets slammed by a snook or redfish.

Angler Kenny Anderson with a Sight Fished 36" Redfish

Finally, one of the best things about fly fishing or spin fishing for snook and redfish in Homossasa and Crystal River Florida is the environment. In nature and in town you will be surrounded by 200-year-old Southern live oak trees, palmettos, and the FL state tree, the sable palm. This luscious vegetation blends together with the historic buildings to form the perfect backdrop for your fishing adventure. Enjoy fine dining and a beverage riverside at a variety of dining options and share fishing pics from the day.

Call Captain Ryan McFarland at 305-986-9500 to book a fishing charter for fly fishing or spin conventional light tackle fishing for snook and redfish in Homossasa, FL or Crystal River, FL. My work ethic is impeccable and you will not be disappointed!

Angler Dylan Genarro with a Nice Snook Taken on Topwater Plug

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