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Summertime Means Huge Hog Snook

What I love most about South Florida is that we have a true year round fishery. Literally every inshore species can be caught on fly or light conventional tackle 365 days a year. The only thing that changes is the set of tactics.

This too is part of the wonder of this legendary fishery. It's never boring here because, depending on the time of year, you are always fishing in new places and doing new things. Snook are one great example of this. They can be caught on dock lights, inlets, sight fished on flats, in muddy water or gin clear. And this is just to start. The possibilities for catching these aggressive, explosive feeders are seemingly endless.

This time of year fishing the beaches on both sides of the Florida coast for big snook is epic. This can be done from a skiff or right from the surf. It's mostly all sight fishing, which gets the adrenaline pumping big time. Fly and light conventional spin tackle work well, so there is something for any angler.

Give me a call at 305-986-9500 and let's get out there. Whether you want to go after these summer snook or plan something for our next fishing phase for the fall, any species, I'll hook you up and get you on the fish.

Large Snook on Fly in Miami, The Keys, Everglades

Yours Truly w/ a Very Satisfying Sight Fished Snook on Fly in Miami South Florida

Captain Brian Esposito Demonstrating a Trophy Taken on Fly in Miami South Florida

Snook Release in Gin Clear Water in Miami South Florida

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