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Catching Pigs (Fish) on Homemade Jigs

Saying that I love inshore fishing understates my fervent passion, not only for the "sport", but the way of life. I love catching fish here in South Florida in both saltwater and freshwater, on all kinds of tackle.

While this includes bait fishing when the conditions call for it, there is something about making a homemade jig (or fly) and catching fish on it. It's old school, and I don't see many people doing it anymore. In the case of jigs, it gives the same enticing action that is so appealing of flies in a package you can deliver with a light spin rod. For fly guys, its a great option when conditions are terrible.

Another cool thing about this approach is that you can leave the spin fishing rod at your feet while you fish fly. If you miss a fly fishing shot or the fish never come close enough, fire the jig over there and have some fun.

Check out local angler Michael "Mikey" Guillen with a bonefish caught spin fishing with a jig yesterday. The other picture is a 25 pound permit fish taken last year around this time by a client fly fishing for bonefish and permit in Biscayne Bay, near Miami, FL.

I particularly like this option for permit fishing and bone fishing.

Give me a call and let's get out there and catch some pig fish on homemade jigs!

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